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To gain a competitive edge, it is important to use the right tools and products to drive digital transformation success. Whilst businesses have started to understand the need for this transformation the speed at which technology has accelerated is unbelievable. This has made it difficult for businesses to keep up with the trends. Thus, it is necessary to hire business experts.
We use technology to support your business processes, functions, and to boost productivity. Based in UK, we are a team of dynamic IT professionals, with expertise in technology and business-related domains, we use experience to ensure our clients are always at the cutting edge of technology, the cutting edge of insight, and the cutting edge of strategy to leverage business.

Having successfully worked on national as well as international projects, we offer nothing but clear insights, actionable ideas and forward looking solutions. We customize business solutions as per the need of each individual client, and ensure everything ticks appropriately.Using relevant analytics and metrics, we work diligently to formulate effective digital strategy, tailored for your business and geared to help you achieve desired success.
In existence for over 2 decades, we love the relation we have with our clients. It is this collaboration that has helped us understand their business better, and has directly influenced our business strategies for helping them achieve business success. We focus on individual business goals and customize solutions to help SMEs increase business ROI.

We cater to all sizes – the in-house team has the skills and expertise to design and implement end-to-end IT solutions that will have a positive influence on the businesses sales cycle, and will help them excel. We bring innovative analytics, proven processes, and groundbreaking tools to virtually everything we do.

Meet the founder

Established by Rob Thomas, a seasoned consultant, Acron Digital is a one-stop solution for all your business needs. Rob Thomas has been in the business for over a decade and has had the pleasure of working as a consultant for some of the famous global giants like The AA, Securicor, Devon County Council, Admiral Insurance, Zurich Financial Services, Confused.com, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, The UK Intellectual Property Office and the Principality Building Society.

Prior to creating Acron Digital, Rob Thomas was associated with Gocompare.com as the Chief Architect and Head of IT Delivery. It was here when he realized the difficulties SMEs faced as they did not understand the impact digital transformation has in todays times. In order to help small businesses establish their business, Rob Thomas came up with the concept of Acron Digital to offer business expertise that came with personal touch, confidence and assurance.


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