System Integration

Integrating smarter business solutions.

Enabling business transformation and acceleration.

Companies today are looking at adopting technology-driven business
solutions to gain competitive edge.

The need to achieve operational excellence irrespective of the organization’s size while maximizing efficiency to is dominant to avoid inefficiency, and decreased productivity due to multiple IT systems. Whether it’s scaling your business to achieve operational efficiency or for an influx of new customers, introducing innovative new technology, or making changes to your current business model, high quality systems integration is essential.
With our rich experience and deep understanding of the underlying business issues which need to be addresses at an architecture level, our company offers unique tailored solutions designed to meet your specific business requirements. We help clients with architecture, design and development of service-oriented architecture and other integration platforms.

System Integration

Besides building high quality customized enterprise solutions, we also make sure that these are integrated seamlessly into third-party applications such as CMS systems, CRM systems, ERP systems, payment gateways, etc. Our systems integration specialists can help you manage the complexity which comes with technology change, from requirements planning to architecture design , testing to deployment, and beyond. We ensure your implementation runs smoothly, on time, meets your budget and business requirement.

Our Systems Integration experience includes the following

Business to Business Integration

Business usually has collaborative arrangements with other supplier and partners and hence intact often. Trading partners often link existing backend applications used for payments, quotations or databases and other vital information to ensure information flows in a systematic manner and engagement is real time.

We provide B2B integration framework for quoting, messaging and business protocols that businesses use to develop collaborative arrangements with numerous trading partners and have gained valuable experience in this area with large blue chip companies such as and, where the quoting systems integrate with up to 150 business partners hundreds of thousands times per day.

Legacy Systems Integration

Every organization has a legacy system which is an integral pillar in its IT systems. The legacy systems generally are reliable but hard to modify or improve upon. On the other hand, it becomes quite a challenge for companies to keep pace with ever evolving technologies. Legacy system Integration ensures that you retain the essence of the system intact, while incorporating the latest applications and service.

With our rich experience in Integrating technologies, we have a deep understanding of how complex systems are designed and built. This also helps us ensure that our solutions seamlessly incorporate business solutions from the legacy environment. Our clients deliver applications to customers, employees, and partners that vastly improve user experience seamlessly integrating with legacy systems.

CRM Integration

Depending on the business requirement every company requires some sort of applications to manage their sales queries, customer database, purchases or accounting. With our CRM integration software you can effectively integrate CRM data with your other business applications. This way all customer data is up to date, and you can use the solution to help drive your business decisions.

Moving information from one platform to another can be a daunting task . It not only consumes time, but also high on cost. With our data integration solutions, you can set up your integration solution in a fast, and flexible manner and while they offer an easy learning curve.

Cloud Integration

Integration platform as a service represents the next generation of application integration. Organizations today thrive to deliver faster responses to customer requests which is heavily replied on integration to make data flows work.Whether you are adding SaaS as a service to help drive business results or moving large amount of data into cloud, organizations hitting a major roadblock for success — namely, integration.

Integration poses as a challenge for the ease in which lines of businesses need to subscribe to multiple SaaS applications with minimal support. This is where we come to your rescue. We are able to seamlessly integrate your on premise applications with your new SaaS solutions often using a single sign on.


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